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Until U inspirationstory

Taking an action is all what life is asking for. As all the dreams, wishes, hopes or principles always come true after actions. To make it happen is up to our own will. But it only happens Until-U realize it. Until-U understand it. Until-U do something. 

That is even true in design. Especially in my jewelry designs process. I always consider that materials have their own vitality, tools have got their own rhythms. I myself as  a designer find a path for all of that together with my philosophy and my aesthetic of fashion design. I smooth it in a harmonious way. It only happens Until I find its path. Until I get them all. 

Until I give a instruction, the wire will memorize it and follow.  Then the shape will be formed. Until i get the aesthetic point then the visual will be achieved . Until my philosophy sets a vision then a goal and everything can start. I don’t consider myself as the ruler of this process but as a connector, we: materials, tools, and me, we all work together  Until we all agree at the aesthetic points, when it reaches the goal that vision told us to. There, the final designs  come true. 

They are designs all made for the moment: Until-U see it. Until-U touch it. Until-U wear it to. Until-U accompanies you. It is when our mission is completed. 

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